Thursday, September 29, 2016

"The Vacation From Reality" | Scary Story

 "Is there a reason we are going in a mini vacation in the middle of the year!?" My brother whined , his name was Kyle. "Darling, I'm sorry to pull you away from your friends but we all need a little break." My mom smiled at him, looking at him through the mirror. "I agree with mom, you should be happy to be out of school, you skip your classes all the time anyways." I snicker at my brother. We continue the ride, having small arguments, until we got to the small town. "What's the Wi-Fi password?" I said looking around with my phone in my hand. "Yeah! I need Wi-Fi to Skype my friends!" My brother was texting his friends, barely looking up from his phone. "Nope!" My mom replied, "There isn't one!" She snatched our phones right from our hands. "This is going to be a family vacation! No phones!" She tossed them into the car, pulled us out of it, grabbed our bags and locked the door. "Hey I left my bag in there! Can someone make mom stop acting family-crazy?" I yanked on the car handle, "Fine." She unlocked it and I stumbled back a little and grabbed my second bag and snuck my phone with me. She locked the door and we walked into the dark town. The first mistake, entering. Second was not noticing the people there. "Mom!" I whined while tugging on my suitcase, "Ugh! This dumb suitcase has a broken wheel!". "I'm sorry honey, but I told you about it. Plus you still have your old one, so why didn't you bring that one?" She scolded me. "It's a baby suitcase!" I yelled, still pulling on my suitcase, my sister helped with the wheel, but I didn't see. It went back into place and I fell over. "So?" My mom helped me up, brushing off the dirt on my arms, "It is a large suitcase, so what if it has a little Hello Kitty design on it?" My mother smiled at me and we continued moving, people grinning at us, hidden. We made it to the small looking apartments, with no electricity, and entered. "Oh my, this place looks really cool!" My mom said with a large smile across her face. "Oh, mama, mama!" My sister tugged on her sleeve, "Mama, look! It looks so old, like it's haunted!" I shuttered at the thought of it. "H-how do you even know about haunted stuff...?" I questioned my sister. "Duuuuh! I'm not dumb, unlike you, sneaking your ph- Mmmhhhhmmmh!!!" I covered her mouth quickly, "Let's go inside, otherwise the ghosts will scratch your eyes out!" I smirked at my little sister. We walked inside the house, hallow and cold, we had no idea what waited inside that door. At first glance it was just an old apartment, on closer inspection though, it was brand new, modern even. My brother looked around, putting his finger on the window sill and sliding it across dust came off. "This place it disgusting!" He looked around, "How is this place new?" I turned my head over to him. "New? This place isn't new." He glared at me, "Uhhhh, yes it is. It said so in the flyer!" He walked up to me and shoved it in my face. One of the writings on it read, 'NEW BUILDINGS!!! ALL NEW BUILDINGS!!!!'. I turned away, "Yeah, well I didn't read that part!" He glared at me, "Mhmm, yeah right." He smirked. I went into a bedroom and shut the door, until I noticed, "SOMEONE!!!! HELP HURRY!". My mother ran to the door but it wouldn't open. The door was covered in blood. My siblings also ran to the door, attempting to open it, "Honey what's wrong?!?" I backed up, "The door, it's covered in blood!!! T-The walls too!" I fell to the floor and the door shot off its hinges, and basically flew against the wall. My entire family ran into the room, looking around they had terrified expressions on their face, well actually all but one. "What happened here?!" My mom grabbed my hand and helped me up. My brother and sister ran from the room. Not long after we hear a scream from my brother, and a high pitched shriek from my sister. We ran to the master bedroom, where they were, my brother was on the floor, no blood he just laid there, not moving. "Mom... Kyle... Is he?" I started to cry. She put her hand on his wrist to feel his pulse, "Elizabeth... He...." She got up, "He's unconscious, don't worry.". She smiled at us kindly, "Hey, you two pickup your brother, we are getting out of here.". I threw him over my shoulder and had my sister grab the bags, my mom opened the door. My eyes widened, people were waiting for us there, "Welcome to your forever home!" Said a woman , who looked as if she worked there. "Hey! We didn't pay to live here for the rest of our lives!" My mother said with an angry tone. My little sister walked up to them, nodded and turned to us. "You are living here for the rest of your lives though, they should only last a few more hours!" She laughed. We both ran from the crowd quickly, but out of the corner of my eye I saw something. My brother was covering it a little. I stopped, turning around I screamed. Something hit me in the head, and in the last few seconds I saw my mom, falling down too. The person who knocked us out, was none other than my little sister. "..." I woke up, hearing the sound of my brothers voice. "Is there a reason we are going on a mini vacation in the middle of the year?" my eyes widened, "Honey, I'm-" my mom stopped in the middle of her words, because I interrupted her. "N-no way... I don't... Impossible." She looked at me worryingly, "Is something wrong?" She asked me. I looked to me little sister, she had a huge smile on her face, glaring at me, "I don't... No way..." I yanked on the door handle. 'It's happening again!', I thought, mentally freaking out. My mother stopped the car, "What's wrong?!" She started to freak out, "Everything!!!" I screamed, in response. The world around me started to tear apart, that's when I realized where I was. I was in a jacket, it was pure white, padded walls surrounded me. Tears filled my eyes, blurring my vision, "I'm... insane?". I smiled, with a hint of sadness in my eyes, "I guess I shouldn't believe everything is so cracked up to be..."

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  1. This was a really great ending Gabby! I liked how the story started all over and then had the twist at the end.